SECRET CINEMAS 10 Erotic Movie Fantasies



Andy Warhol, film-maker and visual artist, once famously stated: “Sex is more exciting on the screen and between the pages than between the sheets.”   How true this really is, proves Dr. Charlayne Grenci in her latest work:
SECRET CINEMAS: 10 Erotic Movie Fantasies.

You might have read our interview with Dr. Charlayne Grenci, author of Marcel Proust EXPOSED and her memoir Queen of Domination: My Secret Life.  She is a prolific writer and has just launched her third book:  SECRET CINEMAS. It’s the first in a series of erotic fantasy short stories for imaginative readers.

Dr. Charlayne Grenci: “We all have a secret theater in our imagination: SECRET CINEMAS.
Imagine yourself in a private theater, watching a variety of erotic fantasies and sexual adventures, romance, domination, male and female submission, BDSM, seduction, fetishism, threesomes, rough sex, role-play, foreplay, kinky sex, leather, lesbian, bi-sexual, sexual entertainment, sex games and more.”

SECRET CINEMAS: 10 Erotic Movie Fantasies will show you how to tap into your mind’s secret cinema and make your imagination come alive.


Charlayne Grenci


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A Book is a Device to Ignite the Imagination ~ Alan Bennett



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