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Guest Post Guidelines

There is a fantastic way to gain exposure for your book here on this blog: Guest Posting.
Authors asked me so many times about the concept of guest blog posting, that I am summarizing it here again:
The whole idea is to create a well-written article and contribute to a successful blog that has many readers to whom you can introduce yourself as an author. Get not only your name out, show off your writing skills, give useful tips (or write about mistakes you learned from) but also have a link to your book sales page, included in a short bio, to invite readers to check out your book and buy it.

Your guest blog will not only appear on this site, but also dozens of times over a period of months on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, StumpleUpon and Google+  – to ten-thousands of readers.


Do some brainstorming:

  • What would you have done differently while writing / editing / publishing
  • Is there any advice you would give new writers
  • What was your biggest book marketing success so far
  • What are your experiences with editors, publishers, book cover artists etc.
  • Are there any publishing news you would like to share
  • What is the secret of your books success

There is so much to write about your experience!

Blog articles should be new and unpublished, content rich and pertain to the craft or business of writing, editing, publishing, or book marketing. Best length is between 500 and 800 words. Get more tips here in former blog posts:

Guest Blogging is one of the many steps you can take, to establish your brand as an author.  As more steps you take, as higher you will climb…  If you like to write a guest post just the contact form on top of this page.






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